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tech problem in login

please check attachment  it showing tech problem in login 

Try following the steps to Upgrade to the Latest Version of VideoScribe. 

Hi. I already subscribe and paid for subscription  and it keep taking me to the page to sign up or free trial so when i  cant get into the page where i have my work.

Have you downloaded the application?

You'll need to download and install VideoScribe to your computer to get started

Hola tengo un problema, me acabo de suscribir e insatale la app para primero probarla por 7 dias, apenas quize inciar sesión y no me deja, solo sale el icono cargando. adjunte una imagen


Restart the application

Disconnect and reconnect to your internet

Restart your computer

Try another internet connection, like a phone hotspot

Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe

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