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Cancelled my Subscription after 1 month then they still charge my card

I  only use this for making work project then signed up only for 1 month. I had TRUSTED this company that it was not a scammed company that immediately took people's money after subscription. I cancelled on May 4 then after reloading my ATM card they charge the money there automatically now i have no money to buy my other projects because of what you've done.

I thought that upon cancellation you will not charge it anymore but i was wrong, how can i get that 35$ refund i'm not interested anymore on this kind of website too much scamming approach on the process i lose trust, it must have been a great website for youtube channel but now it seems disappointment to the auto-payment processing

The purchasing page indicates it's a recurring payment and again at the checkout page. 

See the article 'Refund of Subscription Payments'

If you have questions, raise a ticket with the support team

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