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Change from tiral to Pro Account

Hi, I've been trying the free version and I've read in other topics that my works with the trial version will save and I can get them back when I change to a paid account, and also  remove the watermark. So I wanted to get an Account, but I have some questions:

The monthly o yearly plan is the same than a Pro Account?

Do  I have to get it before the trial version ends?. If not, is there any deadline to get a "paid account" without loosing the work I've done with the free version?

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

The monthly and yearly plans have the exact same features. The only difference is the duration of access and frequency of recurring payments. 

There is no time limit to purchase an account. As long as you purchase using your same trial account and access VideoScribe on your same computer, your work will be available. 

If you purchase, the subscription begins right away, whether your have time left on your trial or not 

Thank you very much.

Kind regards

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