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Can't Subsrcibe and Cant get Support

I tried to subsrcibe for 1 month to video scribe and keep on getting a message saying that my payment was unsuccessful and I should contact the sales team.

I click on the link and keep on getting sent around in a small circle repeatedly until  to the point it resembles a Kafaesque level of retardation and cant find contact details for the sales team: 

Can someone tell me why I can't subscribe: and if you say check that I have money in my account I'm going to flip out.

Also I live in Japan and the Address feature is not in line with how addresses are properly written(May be a factor).

Anyway its odd that a business struggles to take peoples money from them.

So My question is, can some one tell me why I can't pay for a subscription.

We have a section of the help site covering common payment errors and how to work through them. If you cannot find an answer there our sales team can be contacted via sales@sparkol.com

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