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Service Incident - 7th September 2020


We have a current service incident which commenced around 10:45 on the 7th September 2020.

Customers will experience errors when connecting to any of our online-based resources. This will include:

  • Logging into VideoScribe, Scribely and StoryPix 
  • Accessing any online projects or library resources within those apps 
  • The account areas of our website and making payments

Our engineers are working on this as the highest of priorities and we apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing. We will keep this forum updated with progress as we work through this issue.

Support Manager - Sparkol

UPDATE -  Systems are stabilizing and normal service will resume shortly. 

If you are still having issues logging in please wait 5-10 mins and then try again. We are seeing a large number of login attempts as people are trying multiple times to gain access. Please space out your login attempts to allow the system to cope with the return customers to the software.


The systems have now been stable for several hours and we have closed this Service Incident. Our engineers will continue to monitor the services closely for the coming hours to minimise the risk of any follow-up issues. Thanks for your patience while we worked through this unexpected fault.

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