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Buying images


I'm testing out videoscribe with the 7 day free trial. All images I come across are not available and need to be bought separately. Is this just because I'm using the free trial or will this still be the case if I buy the monthly subscription? 

If I will have to pay for each image after paying for the monthly subscription then this will cost me 100-200$ each video, which would easily become around 1000$/month ... I mean that sounds like the most expensive animation software ever... 

What am I missing here? 

There are over 7600 free images in VideoScribe. These are available in both the trial and Pro version. 

Premium images are at a separate cost and not included in the Pro subscription, you have the options of buying them with a Pro subscription. 

You can also Import your own images, there is also a tutorial on how to Create your own images

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