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Last updated: 24 May 2016

Tawe is available for as a mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s free to download, with 4 free coins for publishing videos unlocked at various points of using the app (accessing the library, taking a photo, recording a voiceover, and renaming a project). Further coins are available through in-app purchases.

If you have a Sparkol subscription this does not unlock publishing on the mobile app, the subscription only covers our full desktop products.

Anyone can create up to two projects or sign up for a free Sparkol account to create unlimited projects.

Features include:

  • Take a photo or use camera roll

  • Pinch and zoom touch controls 

  • Add voiceover

  • Present tawes from your device

  • Share, download and embed videos via website sho.co (in-app purchase)

  • Sync to Tawe desktop version (requires Sparkol subscription)

Download Tawe from the App Store

Download Tawe from Google Play

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