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How do I publish a Tawe video so that I have the file? I don't want a link to a website, I want to download a file similar to what I can do with videoscribe.

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Tawe works differently so you can only publish online. Once you have done that though you can download the video as an MP4 from Sho.co and have a local copy

Are there any plans for Tawe to have the video export built into the program like Sparkol does? Some companies who have fully paid subscriptions to Videoscribe have firewalls and policies that prohibit them from publishing to sho.co, so Tawe becomes useless because they can't get their finished video due to this Sho.co publishing step.

Tawe is still a very young product for us and I know all sorts of things are being considered. I know the video export to the device rather than Sho.co is something that's being considered but I am not sure if and when that may come in at this point.

Would this be why when I publish to the cloud it never seems to go anywhere?

When you save online all this is doing is saving your file to your account so you can access your work from another machine if you like. To publish use the publish video link and you will be given a shortcode web address to access your video... remember if you choose to publish as private you will need to log-into the website to view it.

I would also vote for an export function. The workaround Barry mentioned does the trick, but does negatively impact my user experience.

We have now changed this from a question to a feature request which enables the 'Like' button on the original post so you can vote.

We have updated our help pages today and Tawe now has it's own help site. As a result this forum is no longer on the VideoScribe help pages and now can be found at http://help.tawe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000072113

Just liked this feature request - please do this!

I want to use Tawe but my companies policies may prevent me from doing so. So a local export option where nothing hits the cloud is what I'd need.


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