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Snapshot timings

Tawe is great, have only used it once but it was so easy to use and the results are fantastic. Well done on a Tawesome product :-)

Possible new features:

1. Ability to manually adjust/change transition/delay timings like we can in VideoScribe.

2. Ability to change snapshot ordering like we can in VideoScribe

3. Ability to export straight to a video file rather than go via sho.co

4. I have found that rotation when using the mouse can be overly sensitive (resulted in 8000 degree rotations before I worked out what I was doing wrong!)

And +1 for the already mentioned features of importing voiceover/music and replacing images.

Cheers, Ben.

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Thanks for the feedback Ben!

I just want to concur on the easy to use product.   As well, has there been any progress on the timing of transitions?  I would really like to see that implemented as well. 

Thanks Team

To progress as yet Tim, we don't have another release of Tawe planned for this year as we are focusing our developers in other areas at the moment. We will keep the forums updated with future releases and the feature they include as we know more.

I agree with all the suggestions. And I find TAWE to be a great tool, too! I just did two of my first 2 presentations, and I'm quite pleased with the results. But I encountered some difficulties, most of them are similar to what others are experiencing I assume:

1) I didn't want to add a voiceover to my presentations. But I want to add music like in videoscribe. Unfortunately this is not yet available in Tawe.

Suggestion: simply make the same simple music adding tool in videoscribe available in Tawe.

2) It took me some time to figure out how to save and publish my presentation.

Suggestion: Apply the same videoscribe file saving algorithm and bypass the upload to sho.co altogether. It is an unnecessary step in my opinion.

3) I was looking for a way to set the timing of my slides similar to videoscribe. It turns out I will need to add voiceover (even if I didn't want to) to achieve timing effect.

Suggestion: Again, apply the same timing feature in videoscribe.

Frankly, I believe a lot of the tools and features in Videoscribe should apply to Tawe so why re-invent the wheel? I look forward to doing more Tawe presentations so I hope these tools and features will be added soon. They are already there in videoscribe so I don't see any reason why they can't be added to Tawe immediately.

Kudos to the Tawe design and development team for a great product. Now please make it even greater. :)

We have updated our help pages today and Tawe now has it's own help site. As a result this forum is no longer on the VideoScribe help pages and now can be found at http://help.tawe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000068683

Anyone know how many seconds a snapshot generates?

For example, if I want the presentation to remain on one object for 60 seconds, how many snapshots do I need to take of it?

You can set the timings when you are recording the voiceover by tapping at the point of the voiceover you want the screen to move on

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